15 Minute Movement Challenge

What is the 15 minute movement challenge?

  • A Healthy lifestyle kickstart
  • A 5 week challenge to add just 15 minutes of movement into your day using your Instepp

Who’s it for?

  • Everyone & Anyone! (Ensure to seek medical advice if any underlying health conditions/Injuries)
  • Instepp has been designed for all fitness levels and ages
  • Increase the intensity by doing more challenging or longer walks/workouts, more days of the week
  • Keep the intensity lower with just the 15 minutes a day and walking if needed for beginners to any movement

What do you do?

  • Purchase your challenge (Just the cost of the Instepp, the challenge is FREE)
  • Log where you are before you start the challenge (Measurements, how you feel about yourself)
  • Join the community Facebook group
  • Each week log how much movement you’ve done and how you feel
  • Grab your Instepp and use it for a minimum of 15 minutes a day for a minimum of 5 days a week

What movement can you do with the Instepp?

  • Walking – At home or out in the fresh air!
  • Workout – Check out Instepp for workout videos


  • 3 people that purchase an Instepp and sign up to the 15 Minute Fitness Challenge and join the Facebook group will be chosen at random and receive a refund for the cost of their Instepp!
  • Sign yourself up and share the challenge on your social platforms for your chance to get your Instepp FREE! (Money refunded after winner announced)
  • Be an engaging member of the community group & consistently log your weekly improvements for your chance to win your Instepp cost back!


Get tips along the way and see how much you can kickstart the improvement of your health and fitness along with like minded others to motivate each other